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Angy's Blog September - October 2008

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District!

ARCHIVE: my previous entries:

AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2008 (Fashion Designers - Spectrum in Four Seasons Collection - Sara Gadd Millinery)

JUNE - JULY 2008 (Haute Couture - Vivienne Westwood - Wildlife - Dorset Buttons - Magna Carta)

(Lake District Inspirations - Long Blondes - Wedding Show)


Phew ... finally finished the last of my collection - 'Harvest Moon'. Just a few accessories and then I will be ready for the show tomorrow! Here is a crazy hat I have put together for 'Sirocco' - trust me it works! So do the leg warmers I'm making for the same outfit at the moment. Don't ask me to make a hat though - please ask Sara Gadd - she can even put together one of my crazy designs - and better than I can!

I now have the full catwalk programme for the WOMAN EVENT. I will now be exhibiting 12 designs on each runway - the full
"SPECTRUM IN FOUR SEASONS" collection, excluding any extras. I will also exhibit a couple of other dresses on my stand at the event. The collection should appear on the catwalk in the following order:

Romantique Couture
1 Atkinson Court
Fell Foot
Newby Bridge
United Kingdom
LA12 8NW

T: +44 (0) 15395 30648
M: +44 (0) 7812 210880


Ice Maiden
Aurora Borealis
Melt Water
Apple Noddy
Solway Sunset
Wild Fire
Midnight Sun
Harvest Moon
Shades of Grey
Order could change at last moment but the dresses won't.
The times for the catwalk shows are:

10 October: 20:00
11.October: 12:00 & 14:00

There are four exhibitors. Romantique Couture will be first.

Meanwhile, check out the North West Evening Mail for another feature tonight.


"Sirocco' is now finished despite the overlocker playing up! Looks very spectacular ... you will have to wait though! Part way through 'Harvest Moon' which is the last design for the current collection. Nice spread in the Sunday Sun today - double page with pictures of many of my designs - thankfully, not only the infamous 'Toon' dress. On that side the deadline for bids for the club has been announced as Tuesday - can't be soon enough! Everton today - away ... wish I could be more optimistic!

Meanwhile, I have been invisted to take the Recycled 'Toon' Dress to a Fashion and Craft Fair in Haggerston, Northumberland. Some of the local schools there are designing and making either a piece of clothing or a hat from recycled materials. Great idea! It's a bit of a trek but the proceeds are also for charity so I would like to go along. Somebody from a new underwear museum will also attending - intriquing! I have also received a couple of calls from Newcastle schools studying fashion or recycling who would like to see the dress. Should be able to' kill two birds with one stone' as they say.

Just received 'FIVE BIG FAT SMOOCHIES' from The Naughty Brides Secret Guide!
Check out the Naughty Bride's Blog for a superb write-up ... then browse through the fab Naughty Brides's Secret Guide website. Packed with tips and imagination! Grab a coffee first - its addictive!

If you missed me on Border TV yesterday CLICK HERE for the news report. Meanwhile. please click on the new 'Press Features' button for further articles. Plenty happening at NUFC too ... now the price has been lowered it may not be too long before we get a buyer. Hopefully somebody who understands not only the club, but also the fan base and the city. Fingers crossed :o)


Take a look at this article on the unofficial Newcastle website: Newcastle United Mad My protest may, or may not, be the most bizzare Toon protest ever. But what really matters is that the loyalty of the fans is better understood and that the chaos at the club is brought to a timely, amd satisfactory conclusion. Here is another story: newcastlecentric

Update: if you receive Border TV or Tyne Tees you can see the dress on their news programme (Lookaround) tomorrow evening: 1 October 2008


It's all go today. I was on Radio Cumbria this morning, and have been interviewed for Metro Radio (Newcastle) and Century Radio North-East who will also feature me on their website, I am now rushing because we have an inetrview by Border TV (also for Tyne-Tees TV) in just over an hour! Starting to get the nag of getting the corset on now - just as well I made it my size. Should also be featured in the Journal and the Chronicle (both Newcastle). Oh yes, nearly forgot, check out the story on the BBC NEWS WEBSITE (England, Tyne & Cumbria pages).

Will keep you posted ... thaks again to Paul and Karen at Osprey Communications


A couple of weeks ago I told you about my frustration at Kevin Keegan leaving Newcastle, and my determination to add my voice to the protests at the continuing chaos at the club. Well, here is the result of two weeks work - my haute couture wedding dress which incorporates two NUFC home shirts:

The team shirts have been used to recreate the corset. The structure is heavily boned to maintain its shape. The cleavage is held together by 'merry widow' and embellished with three large kilt pins. The outfit comprises two parts - the corset and the skirt. This gives flexibility and practicality - the corset could be worn with a different skirt or even a pair of jeans for a night on the town!

A lot of emotion has gone into the design and creation of this particular dress because of how I feel. Many fans are finding it difficult to wear their shirts with pride due to the way things are going at the moment, but ultimately there's no escape because they are married to football and to the team!

I have discussed my passion for recycling before, and there are other examples of recycled garments and handbags on my website. I think that recycling football team shirts is an excellent example of why we should consider recycling clothing. Many teams produce at least two new shirts every year - there have even be controversial cases of more shirts being released by certain Premiership Clubs. So what happens to the old ones? Some of them must get thrown away, or shoved into the back of a cupboard and forgotten. Its such a waste when you could do so much with them - a touch of creativity is all that is needed!

The Newcastle dress will, of course, be exhibited on the catwalk at the Woman Event, at Rheged, on 10th and 11th October.

However, you may see further pictures of the dress even sooner! I have engaged a good friend of ours, Paul Gardner, to assist me with publicity. Paul, and his wife, Karen, run their own PR agency in Windermere, Osprey Communications Osprey is an excellent small firm which has recently received the GOLD AWARD for the North-West's Outstanding Small Consultancy, by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. It is therefore no surprise that they already handle the PR for organisations as diverse as Booths Supermarkets, Muncaster Castle, Made in Cumbria and Hadrians Wall. You can download their Newsletter here (2.8 MB/ PDF)

I have already received several enquiries, an interview for Radio Cumbria and another for Border and Tyne-Tees TV. I will keep you posted, and will create a press section on the site as soon as possible. Meanwhile check out this article in The Shields Gazette


Just back from after an exhausting day at the 'LIVE THE DREAM WEDDING EVENT' at Carlisle Racecourse. Set out at 7am as I had to call on Sara to pick up a few hats for the show. She has had flu so was unable to make it to the actual show. I have pasted a few snaps from the final catwalk show below. They highlight the spectrum concept quite well:

Melt Water
Apple Noddy
Apple Noddy
Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Wild Fire
Wild Fire
Models courtesy of Premier Productions, Scotland
No, before you ask, it isn't a stage managed shoot - and yes, those are empty seats! And no, I wasn't very happy about it! The models were excellent, and the actual catwalk, music, acoustics and lighting could not be faulted. It was also nice to see the my rather quirky 'Apple Noddy' (April Fool) design on the stage for the first time. The stand could have been in a better location but that wasn't a major problem. Unlike the other boutiques, my focus is very much on getting my designs onto the catwalk where they can be seen by prospective customers, press cameras and journalists. In that repect todays show was a disaster - and one I could have done without bearing in mind that all my savings, and my salary from my part time job go into events like this. The problem was in the organisation of the catwalk shows. At previous events there have been several shows, each of them showcasing the outfits of all of the exhibitors. In this case the exhibitors were divided across two shows, which were then repeated. My designs were on the second and final catwalks. The first was crowded. The second show was well-attended. The third show was reasonably well attended and ended with presentations and a quiz. By the time the final catwalk commenced the room was almost empty - as you can see from the pictures. To make matters worse there was only a press presence at the first and third shows. It is therefore, no surprise that I am not in the best of moods this evening ... and the same can be said about the other boutiques exhibiting on the same catwalks. As far as I am concerned everybody should have received equal exposure to potential customers and publicity - it should have been an even playing field. Anyway, I've got it out of my system. Time to drown my sorrows in a glass of wine and refocus on finishing two more dresses - less than two weeks to the big show!


LIVE THE DREAM WEDDING EVENT 28 SEPTEMBER 2008, Carlisle Race Course: 11:00-15:00; three catwalk shows plus numerous stands; Seven designs from the Spectrum in Four Seasons will be displayed on the catwalk, including the new 'Apple Noddy'

CUMBRIA LIFE WOMAN EVENT 10 OCTOBER 2008, Rheged, Penrith: 19:00-22:00 Special Gala Night with Fashion Show - Lifestyle exhibitors and retailers - supper and glass of wine - fashion show - Grumpier Old Men with the Hairy Bikers and Stuart Maconie.
Tickets: £ 20.00 - must be pre-booked (01228 612644 or 01228 612600)

11 OCTOBER 2008, Rheged, Penrith: 10:00-17:00 Full day event - Lifestyle exhibitors and retailers - life coaching - gourmet food demonstrations - fashion shows - Looser Women with Fiona Armstrong and Sally Gunnell - Christmas decorations, and much more!
Tickets: £ 7.00 (at the door), NOTE: £ 2.00 discount voucher in the current issue of Cumbria Life


The FULL "SPECTRUM IN FOUR SEASONS"COLLECTION, plus extra outfits, will be exhibited at the WOMAN EVENT in an extended fashion catwalk show on both days (10 & 11.10.2008). The remaining 'Spectrum' designs include Scirocco (Summer), Harvest Moon (Autumn), Shades of Grey, and perhaps one other winter design, If you can only make it to one of the shows this is the one to attend! The fashion shows at the Woman Event are courtesy of Romantique Couture and Genevieve and will be staged with professional models from Premiere Productions.

The proposed running order for the catwalk shows at Rheged will be:

INTRODUCTION: 1. Recycled Dress (Day Wear): Suit (Formal Wear); 2-piece suit (Formal Wear)


WINTER: 4. Aurora Borealis; 5. Candlemas; 6. Wastwater (all Evening Wear); 7.Ice Maiden (Bridal Wear);
SPRING: 7. Melt Water; 8. Apple Noddy (both Evening Wear); ; 9. Tilberthwaite (Bridal Wear);
SUMMER: 10. Midnight Sun; 11. Scirocco; ; 12. Solway Sunset ; 13. Wild Fire (all Evening Wear);
14. Whitbarrow (Bridal Wear);
AUTUMN: 16. Harvest Moon; Hibernation (both Evening Wear); Shades of Grey (Bridal Wear).


'Different' - that was the reaction at Abbey House - the word I heard repeated more than any other to describe the new collection. I must be getting something right because that is exactly what I wanted people to say! The Event was well attended and there was excellent feedback. Of course, the 'Spectrum' was a contrast against the endless stream of white and ivory on the catwalk, but it really was different. There was also the satisfaction of the designs coming to life on professional models. The only problem was that the hats only appeared in the first show as the models all had fixed tiaras and the changeover was so fast that it was almost impossible to include the accessories. I guess Carlisle next week will be even harder as there will be twelve rounds of exhibitors on each runway show, as opposed to the six at Abbey House. Then again, Sara will be there so an extra pair of hands could make all the difference! Anyway a few pics:

Aurora Borealis
Melt Water
Midnight Sun
Wild Fire
Wild Fire
Click for more pictures at North West Evening Mail
Models courtesy of Premier Productions, Scotland

STOP PRESS: here are some of the photos by Claire Westwood - have commissioned her to take photos for us at the Woman Event at Rheged:

Models courtesy of Premier Productions, Scotland
I may have some more photographs available soon. Met a fantastic photographer - Claire Westwood. She does weddings and other work so I may be able to commission her for a shoot at Rheged with the models and designs, or even just for the catwalk. Looking forward to seeing her catwalk shots. Website: www.westwoodphotography.co.uk

Venue for this event was the Abbey House Hotel, a rather eclectic sandstone building in a delightful garden setting, 14 acres of private woodland, above Furness Abbey. When we arrived to set up on Saturday there was a wedding reception taking place - what a perfect location for it, especially as it was such nice weather. We strolled down through the woods to take a look at the abbey. Furness Abbey, which dates back to 1147, was the second largest Cistercian foundation in the country, and its lands covered a huge area. The towering ruins are very impressive, and the red sandstone has beautiful hue when it catches the low sunlight. The abbey is set in a hidden valley, the Vale of Beckansgill, also known locally as the Vale of Deadly Nightshade. This sinister plant (Belladonna) once thrived in the shady woods - so much so that there were sprigs of it on the Great Seal of Furness Abbey, and subsequently on the coat of arms of the Furness Railway! Unfortunately there was no time to explore. Have made a note to go back sometime. English Heritage look after the ruins and provide cassette recorders for an audio tour.

Abbey House Hotel
Final adjustments to the stand
Furness Abbey


Losing count of how many new brochures I have folded or pushed into envelopes for mailshots. Have finally pasted the artwork below - features the first six designs including Midnight Sun which is being trampled on!

Click HERE to download a full PDFversion (9.5MB)

My previous Posts:

AUGUST - SEPT. 2008 (Fashion Designers - Spectrum Collection - Sara Gadd)

JUNE - JULY 2008
(Haute Couture - Vivienne Westwood - Dorset Buttons - Magna Carta)

(Lake District Inspirations - Long Blondes - Wedding Show)
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