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Angy's Blog May-June 2010

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District!

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We are still in shock! After last week’s school coach crash, and the floods, and now this. If you’ve seen the news you will know what I’m talking about. Twelve people killed and another 25 injured in an incomprehensible shooting frenzy by a local taxi driver. He started in Whitehaven then drove to Egremont, Seascale, Gosforth, and finally Eskdale where it seems he turned the gun on himself. Your heart breaks when innocent people are so cruelly murdered, and for no reason, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And, to think this is normally one of the safest parts of the country.

What is even more shocking for us is that Mike, my husband grew up in Seascale, as his dad used to work at Sellafield. The whole area is where we regularly go to escape from the tourists. As you can imagine we’ve called all our friends to make sure no one is hurt. One had been walking down through the village to catch a train when he was told to take cover ... a couple of minutes earlier or later, and ... who knows! My heart goes to all those families who have lost their loved ones ...

31 MAY, 2010 - LONDON: GIVE ME A BREAK !!!

Please, please tell me if I have three legs, four ears or horns and a tail - just because I live in Cumbria. Perhaps if I lived anywhere other than London it would be the same? All the time when I tell people who live or work in London, and are related to the fashion industry, that I’m a designer based in the Lake District they look at me with a shocked, unbelieving face. They behave as if they are either sorry for me or I have the plague or ...yes, they then simply ignore me.

Why won't these people accept the fact that talent and creativity can actually exist, be created and survive here in the north just as well as in London? I’m sick to the teeth of being told ‘ahh it’s a shame you live in that place, with a talent like yours you should be down here, you are missing so much, you could do so well in London." And my answers? Why in heaven’s name do you think I cannot do well up here? As far as I am concerned the streets of London are certainly not paved with gold as soom people still seem to think. Do you have to work less for the same result in London? Is your creativity a result of harder kicks in the backside? Please, please give me a break. Nose in the air, looking down as if I am an inconvenient, insignificant ... Northerner! But then again, that's their problem ... not mine!

LONDON - Yes it's the capital, yes it is a nice city (if you like big cities), yes it brings more tourists every year then perhaps the Lake District and yes it may open doors in which ever industry you choose. But, let us not forget that it is one thing to visit and another to live there. The rat-race, the arrogance, the selfishness, the congestion, the commuting, the prices, the low quality of life (I have friends in London who certainly would agree with me there), and the lack of freedom. Living in a sort of box dictated by soembody just as unhappy. Try to accept the fact that actually goes on - shock horror - outside London just as well.

My message is for the few who think that there is nothing worthwhile beyond the M25. Well I kindly remind them - Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow ... So, please don't pity me cause I work hard and I’m trying to make my business work on my own terms rather then the terms of a particular industry, actually I pity you....and taking an example of the clothes industry, look no further than Alexander McQueen. A brilliant creative mind who had everything he could wish for in his life except one vital thing, so important for us, Homo sapiens - HAPPINESS.

I’ve been cut off in conversations by so many people so many times only because I live and design clothes in Cumbria. Can anyway try to explain to me why?? A logical explanation, please. Meanwhile, I can look out of the window at the sun on the trees, the mountains, the lake ... and listen to the birds singing, and take a long breath of clean, fresh air and think ... you can keep your London. At least I'm happy where I am!


Browsing through the Independent today I just found a beautiful gallery of the dresses that have made an impact in our lifetime. Audrey Hepburn's little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany's, Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, Keira Knightley's green dress in Atonement. .. and another seven beautiful women in beautiful dresses. All classics.

Audrey Hepburn's little black dress tops fashion list


In May’s issue of Marie Claire I found that Gucci’s creative director - not an easy job – has been visiting Malawi... Now Gucci works with Unicef and apparently funds few projects for orphan children in Southeast Africa. Well that is something in itself. Very few fashion houses allow the press to get involved in their charity projects and even fewer ARE involved in charity projects.

Gucci, for the last 5 year have committed £4.7million to Unicef’s ‘Schools for Africa’ making it the largest corporate donor, and also brought in for the campaign the likes of Rihanna as well as other high profile R&B singers.

20 MAY, 2010 - DRESS SIZES

Last month I was reading an article in the Mail about sizes and how some shops increased actual garment sizes but left the size labels the same. So if you think you are buying a Size 10 think again - it may be a 12. Halleluiah! Finally somebody mentioned this again...how many times I have said to various models, shop sizes are not your actual size...but no, they just think I’m just odd, or pedantic. How then, can you explain that in one shop you are a 10 and in another a 14? It does not make sense.

If you would like to find your real size follow this, ask one of your friends to take your measurements and/or look on my website for the genuine chart and other information regarding posture, measurements and sizes:
Guide to body-shape and size

To read the full article click here: Why your Size 10 dress may actually be a Size 12


The holiday is over and I fell kind of strange. I always feel like this, holiday hangover. It took me more than three days to relax but eventually I got there, and the time flew by. It was interesting to see if I remembered how a holiday feels...Splendid! Only wish I was still there rather than sitting here looking at a list of things to do that seems to have no end ... back to work. At least my batteries have been recharged and I have plenty of fresh ideas.

Loch Scavaig and the Cuillins, Isle of Skye


A few years ago Mike took me to Edinburgh for our wedding anniversary, my first real introduction to Scotland. I was fascinated about the history, the people, and the accents. I remember the visit to Edinburgh castle was in a bit of a rush - we always rush but love museums and castles. I could have spent a week in there. Then, on the way out, a brief stop for the shops. Well as it was closing time, We were window shopping when suddenly Mike spotted some beautiful, unusual cards. We searched everywhere for them after that but without any luck.

However, we eventually found the name of the artist after we visted Barra in the Outer Hebrides for another anniversary - Pam Carter. As expected the more of her work I saw, and the more I became fascinated by the surreal blue sea, rocky mountains, white beaches and desolate landscapes of the islands that she captures so well, the more I was completely hooked. I do not kill myself as much for contemporary artists (very strange some of them), I rather like classics but Pam’s style is beautiful and elegant. It may not be to everybody’s taste but that’s art for you. There are plenty of other Scottish painters but none seem to capture the colours and the atmposphere with such perfection. See or yourself, she is a fantastic contemporary artist based in Scotland. For more info, to buy prints or even to book a cottage in Skye, click on Pam Carter's excellent website:

One of the local art galleries in Skye (there are loads of them) was running an exhibition of Pam Carter's work later in the year. I will miss that, but at least there were cards to buy, and as soon as I have a few more orders I would love to buy another of her limited edition prints, perhaps something to remind me of Skye this time, or one of Uist or Tiree, just to remind me that there are still many more inspirational places to see. We already have one of Pam's wonderful pictures - a little red-roofed house which overlooks the cockle beach at Barra, where the planes from the mainland land and take-off. It has pride of place outside my studio.

Paintings by Pam Carter: Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Call of the Cuillins (Skye)

Western Isles II - Cockle Strand (Barra) - the one that started it all for me!

Cottages Balevullin Bay (Tiree)

Red on the Cuillin (Skye)

Available from

All paintings copyright of Pam Carter;
Pam has kindly given her permission for these images to be reproduced here.

People are always asking me why I don't move down to London. Look at the opportunities they say. Look at the shows and the boutiques, the markets, the potential customers and clients. Okay, put it another way. Do you think Pam Carter would be inspired to paint her beautiful landscapes and seascapes if she lived in the city? I doubt it? If I move away from the Lake District I feel my inspiration and creativity would simply dry up ... I would be lost, just another number, or a sheep, swallowed up by the system. No chance. I prefer to remain different, inspired, creative ... me! And when I travel beyond the Lake District I seek inspiration from wilderness and nature ... who can't be moved by these Scottish landscapes? Thanks Pam!

More inspirational landscapes:

Top: Sunset over the Black Cuilins and Loch Scavaig, Elgol, Isle of Skye

Bottom: Islands of Rhum, Canna and Soay from Skye


Our destination was the magical Isle of Skye where we had booked a little B&B on the edge of Broadford. What a place! My teeth were hurting on the first day but the sunshine, the stunning scenery and that feeling of Spring ... the blazing gorse bushes and skylarks singing ... helped to soothe me. All the same I had to visit the hospital and take painkillers and ring the 24 hour emergency number as it was a weekend. I finally received an appointment for monday. In the meantime we raided the Co-op for anything that could be eaten with straw - what a picnic!

Kitted out with my new temporary fillings, thanks to the dentist over the bridge in Kyle of Lochalsh I was ready to make the most of the holiday, and even extended our stay for a day to make up! We saw mountains that even a child couldn't dream up - the jagged Cuillins and the Old Man of Stoy. And sunsets, waterfalls, cliffs, and mysterious churchyards, and the most amazing clouds and views to the distant Hebrides, and to Rum, Eigg and to the mainland of Sutherland.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Island of Rhum from Elgol, Isle of Skye

View to the Outer Hebrides from Museum of Island Life, Kilmuir, Isle of Skye

Loch Skavaig with Marsco, Isle of Skye

Old Man of Stor, Trotternish Peninsula, Isle of Skye

My in-laws were perfect guides. They had been here before - they had spent their courting days in this part of the world, fifty years ago, and have returned many times since, even to cycle through the Hebrides. But for us, it was all new and exciting. Mike couldn't stop snapping pictures while I pulled out my sketchpad, my head spinning with ideas. One day we had snow, rain, fog and intense sunshine all within twenty minutes, as weather fronts passed over us. You could see them over the sea advancing, sometimes reaching us , other times blown away, and when they engulfed the Cuillins they left the peaks dusted with snow ... wow!

And the light was also special. Always changing. Sometimes the sea was grey and angry, or deep blue, refecting a cloudless sky, or silver and turquiose, like a mirror. One evening we saw the sunset over Loch Scavaig and the Cuillins, the shafts of light through the clouds ... it was so atmospheric, almost primeval. You could only stand on the beach or the cliff in awe, overwhelmed by the power of the nature and the scale of it all. No wonder so many artists and photographers seem to have made Skye their home.

Top: Beinn na Caillich and the Red Cuillins, view over Broadford Bay from Glen Artroch, Isle of Skye

Middle: Black Cuillin rom Tarskavaig, Isle of Skye

Bottom: Broadford Bay and the Inner Sound from Braodford, Isle of Skye

It wasn't just the landscapes that impressed me ... it ws also the wildlife (including the thousands of lambs and the 'muckle coos' - black and blonde, as well as chestnut). We saw seals and herons, hooded crows and red deer, and ... otters! Yes, otters! The otter hide was closed but we didn't give up and everywhere we stopped we scoured the shoreline with binoculars. Then, close to the northern tip of the island we were lucky. We watched three otters playing and rolling in the waves for a few minutes before they finally disappeared between trhe rocks ... it doesn't get much better than that.

Left: Beinn na Caillich, and Braodford, Isle of Skye

Right: Lobster pots, Elgol, Isle of Sky


I can't believe how lucky we have been with the weather ... more than I can say about my teeth though. I lost a filling on a toffee, then another crumbled and my crown came loose with an ice cream. It's not fair. Thankfully, the ride up the coast took my mind off it with endless changing, spectacular vistas - lochs and mountains, castles and islands. Superb!

We took the bus to Ardrishaig to collect the car, then headed to Oban and along Loch Linnhe with views back to the islands of Mull and Lismore. Then it was onto the ferry at Corran and through an unspoilt wilderness to the spectacular white sands of Morar. No time to stop and sunbathe - as it was we just rolled onto the ferry at Mallaig before they closed the ramp and we were steaming over the sound towards the spectacular outline of Skye ... speed bonny boat!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Loch Linnhe and Glencoe

Eilean Donan Castle & LochAlsh

Stalker Castle with Lismore and Mull

Morar sands with Eigg and Rhum


Unfortunately our trip on th puffer was cut short as the skipper received sad news a day before the trip was due to end, his dad had died. We felt sorry for him, but as he said he had a very long and happy life. Sounds like he was a fantastic character. So we had to cancel all extra stops and head up the Clyde to Glasgow.

As it was my birthday I was the boss for the day - whatever I wanted to do it was done. My decision as we were in Glasgow, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum after breakfast. How could anybody complain spending a day in Glasgow? Not me.

We had a speedy look around as we were pushed for time, and headed for the Mackintosh section asap. SUPERB. Kicks your arty farty bugs where it hurts. A real treat, I couldn’t unglue myself. I could have spent days upon days in there. My head was spinning with designs and ideas. Anyway we had to run back for lunch, finish packing and then back into the city. There were another two things I couldn’t miss, the Glasgow School of Art and the Willow Tea Rooms. All in all we had a fantastic day...and come back with two spectacular designs. Still in my head though :)))

Detail from Glasgow School of Arts - Rennie Mackintosh

6 MAY, 2010 - THE PUFFER

A holiday at last - the first in two years!. We are away for nearly two weeks over the border in Scotland. For the first five days we have been sailing round the sea lochs and islands of the Firth of Clyde, from Loch Fyne via Arran and Bute to Glasgow on an original Clyde Steam Puffer called VIC32. It was one of those holidays you had no idea what to expect - though we were advised 'we do not recommend that you go to Harrods Boating Department for your holiday outfit!' One of Mike’s clients suggested we should look into this holiday as he had been a few years back. Well let me tell you it has been AMAZING.

We boarded the puffer on Saturday night at Ardrishaig, and met Nick, the skipper, on Sunday. He had a great sense of humour - an artist. For some reason I didn’t expect to sleep on the boat. Cool. Well some nights really were, considering that the berths were actually underwater. The accommodation was tight (small cabins) but not uncomfortable (quite the opposite). The food out of this world. We had two chefs at our disposal to who I have to really thank for looking after me with my fruit tea. Thank you Mandy and Colin.

And how was the weather, I hear you ask? Well, splendid. If I remember well we had only one morning with a bit of spitting rain and another cloudy, otherwise we’ve been blessed with sunshine days and mesmerising views. One thing we could be thankful for was we were not devoured by midges.

Usually when a group of strangers are put together in particular circumstances sparks would fly. But not in this case, believe it or not we all got along very well. It Felt like a team at times, loading the coal, lowering the dingy and even washing the dishes. I laughed so much my cheeks hurt. What a bunch. We went with my in-laws. My father in law was like a dog with two tails (well he is an engineer) - they even fried an egg on a shovel for him in the engine room.

There was also so much to see. We tied up at a jetty or anchored off shore every night. We saw the sleeping warrior of Arran and visited Tarbert, Great Cumbrae and the Clyde Coast. Then there was the extravagant Mount Stuart House on Bute - beautiful art nouveau stained glass, and decorations, and a very unusual chapel. I even found myself admiring a Victorian gents' toliets in Rothesay - ladies allowed in for 20p providing no men making use of the facilities at the time ... !!! We even puffed past the submarines at Faslane (spooky!) then up the Clyde where we climbed to the top of the Titan Crane on Clydebank, where they once built great liners such as the QE2 and the Queen Mary.

And of course there was loads of wildlife - we saw seals, and deer and plenty of porpoises. And we watched gannets diving for fish. To see all this in the wild is fascinating. People should realise that nature’s links are extremely fragile. One can always hope...but old habits die hard.

If you wish to try this holiday, I can highly recommend it. You can learn more see more info on this website:

Save the Puffer

The holidays contribute to the continued preservation of VIC32, the last working steam-fired puffer. You can find out more on the website and even buy books or DVDs ... including the classic Ealing comedy 'The Maggie'. If you haven't seen it, I'm sorry but you haven't lived!

Puffer VIC32 at Millport, Isle of Great Cumbrae

Reflections in the Firth of Clyde

Above: Steaming up Loch Fyne, Argyll

Right: Anchored off Crarae Gardens, Loch Fyne

Far right: 'Make Smoke!"


Photos by Karen gavin Photography ... check out their website for more photos of theatre and dance events: www.KarenGavin.co.uk

Stolen Dreams at Leeds United Spring Wedding Show: It Should be You; White Wedding; Old Firm

Spectrum in Four Seasons at Leeds United Spring Wedding Show: Florence No.2 & Firecracker; Solway Sunset; Firecracker

LONDON FASHION WEEK February 2010: Jalouse LFW Closing Fashion Show

ANGY LFW - Lodore, Wildfire, Florence, Humbug Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 1

'Lodore'. 'Wildfire', 'Florence No.2' & 'Humbug'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Posh, Alice in Sunderland Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 5

'Posh' & 'Alice in Sunderland'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - School of Art & Stolen Dream Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 2

'School of Art / Old Firm' & 'Stolen Dream'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Bubbles, Shades of Grey Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 6

'Bubbles' & 'Shades of Grey'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Northern Soul, The Joker Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 3

'Northern Soul' & 'The Joker'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Angy & Shades of Grey Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 7

Angy & 'Shades of Grey'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Chaos, It Could be You Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 4

'Chaos' & 'It Could be You'
by Angy Morton

Music courtesy THE LONG BLONDES - a huge thanks to Dorian and Kate

'Century' from the album 'Couples'
'Giddy Stratospheres' from the album 'Someone to drive you home'


Images from Jalouse LFW Closing Fashion Show, 24 February, 2010
Chaos, Bubbles, School of Art
Photographs by Helena TEPLII (1 & 3), and Shay Thripp (2); Courtesy of La Geneve North Events

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