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Angy's Blog February - March 2010

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District!

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24 FEBRUARY, 2010: LONDON FASHION WEEK CLOSING CATWALK SHOW at 'Jalouse' in London's Mayfair; 21:00 to Late
By invitation only; spectacular fashion event for new designers organised by LGN Events to coincide with the end of LFW,

14 MARCH, 2010: LEED UNITED SPRING WEDDING SHOW at Elland Road, Leeds; 11:00 - 16:00
Stolen Dreams will appear on Catwalk Shows at 12:00 and 14:00


The Premiership Collection
By Angy Morton

A unique, and spectacular fusion of fashion and football, inspired by the ups and downs of top flight football.

Date: 24 February, 2010 at 21:00
Venue: Jalouse Club, Mayfair, London
Organiser: La Geneve North Events

London Fashion Week closing Catwalk Show at the exclusive celebrity private members' venue, 'Jalouse' in London's Mayfair

The best of 'Stolen Dreams' including the latest addition, 'Bubbles'. and a sneak preview of the first of my brand new 'Pyromania' ready-to-wear designs will be exhibited on the final catwalk show of the evening.

By invitation only


Well I never....I can hear you say, but yes, believe it or not I’ve been at the Stadium of Light in my beloved Newcastle Jacket! I received a few odd looks and a few raised eyebrows and, as I expected, a few sarcastic comments but I was there for nothing else than business. I was invited by Paul at DCM (Dual Concept Marketing) to attend ‘Meet the Professionals Sunderland AFC’ a networking event for making new business contacts, an opportunity not to let go by. For more info www.dcmforbusiness.co.uk

Yes, I was a bit worried about wearing that particular jacket in Sunderland, and you would probably say I was bonkers but, as my business is designing fashion, I sometimes have to do things other people wouldn't even consider ... in other words to promote my work, even when that means wearing my NUFC jacket in the Banqueting & Durham Suites at the Stadium of Light . That’s the risk of having your own business. I was prepared for eggs and rotten tomatoes in my face but I was proved wrong. Yes Mike you were right!! They were extremely friendly, and even impressed with my new ideas. A women's fan wear concept. A woman designer for women! Sometimes people do not realise, fans or not fans, how many ladies actually support the football industry, thousands upon thousands. Well they also like to wear something other than just the ordinary stuff, don’t they? Yes they do as I found out by talking yesterday to some of the ladies that work for SAFC, and that is only the inside staff - how about all the other girls out there?

So even though I was a bit anxious of wearing my jacket in the heart of SAFC it proved a brilliant idea. Thanks Mike. You are a good manager and I am a rotten partner sometimes! We made few fantastic contacts as well as reinforcing the old ones. So if you see a blonde-haired girl in your local footie club wearing a Magpies jacket you will know who she is!

It was very strange to venture into 'enemy territory' as Mike put it, and I was quite curious to have a look at the city of Sunderland but as always we were in a rush so it was network meeting, more meetings in Newcastle, fish and chips and then back home. By the time we arrived back I couldn’t keep my eyes open. The weather was dreadful and we nearly got stuck in the snow. It certainly kept me on my toes all the way. Crossing the Pennies is no fun when you have snow blizzards battering the side of your car. They were warnings of snow on the radio but it all looked so calm and green down in the valley. You would never guess how harsh the weather could be at the top, where we nearly ended up in a drift avoiding a snowplough. But I should know what to expect by now - anything! Here in the Lakes the weather can change every 5 minutes. Anyway I didn’t think we would make it either to the meeting or back home.

Above: Angel of the North!

Left: On the road to Alston


Sorry I have been out of touch for a while, I had to take a short break...with so much pressure and so much to do lately I felt like I couldn’t stand this work anymore! But I’m back and I'll start all over again.

One thing, I’m relieved that the shows are out of the way (or at least until the autumn) so now I can concentrate on my new ready to wear line as well as my avant-garde bookings, plus one other project. The latter is hush hush - can’t say too much top secret....I will come back with more details as soon as possible.

The last show was the Spring Wedding Show at Leeds United which was a new experience for me. I have never done a wedding show at a football club before so I had no idea what to expect. Yes, I was excited but I was also anxious. The models were actually dancers from 'Heavy Arts', a Theatre School in Huddersfield which provides students the opportunity to work with professional artists. This is a great concept, because by sharing professional expertise and working practices, it inspires, motivates and offers them a more valuable experience. Therefore, the standard of training is to the highest level. You can see more on their website:
The choreography was interesting because they combined dancing with catwalk ... some couture outfits were here, there and everywhere, twisting, streatching and bending. I never thought I would see my outfits so contorted! Unfortunately the finale was a bit of disaster as there was no time for Shades of Grey. Accidents do happen... but otherwise it looked excellent and some excellent pictures were taken. I will come back with the pics as soon as I receive copies ... and that is another matter!

Above: Bubbles - on static display as it is far too risque for a catwalk at a wedding show on Mothering Sunday!

Left: homeward bound via the Pennines:

Upper Wensleydale (above Hawes)'
View towards Pen-y-ghent.

7 MARCH, 2010 - News News News - NEW 'BUTiQ' WILL GO ONLINE SOON - News News News

I am still at the final design stage but will soon be launching my online boutique - 'BUTiQ'. I will have prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) and bespoke, avant-garde sections. I’m still working on my new prêt-à-porter lines, starting with some designs derived from my pevious couture collections. Each line will be limited to thirty or less outfits, all manufactured locally. One thing I would like to highlight is that I don't follow trends. My 'BUTiQ' will be for people who desire to be different, and have an individual and personal approach to clothes. Of course I keep an eye on what’s going on in the fashion world but not in the 'paranoia' way...more a practical approach. I love making clothes but again I will always have a practical approach as I believe that the clothes make the person, not the person the clothes, if you know what I mean! Anyway, watch this space!


BUTiQ: Prêt-à-Porter
BUTiQ: Avant-Garde

Jalouse LFW Closing Fashion Show

Images from Jalouse LFW Closing Fashion Show, 24 February, 2010
School of Art/ Old Firm; Bubbles; Posh

Photographs by Shay Thripp; Courtesy of La Geneve North Events

Images from Jalouse LFW Closing Fashion Show
24 February, 2010

Left to Right; Top to Bottom:
Chaos; Alice in Sunderland;Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey & Angy; School of Art/ Old Firm

Photographs by Helena TEPLII
Courtesy of La Geneve North Events

More Catwalk photos from
Jalouse London Fashion Week Closing Show


We’ve been out this week - an annual visit by a friend (and his new girlfriend) who lives abroad was my excuse ... even though I’m really busy and have no time to spare I couldn't resist shutting shop and venturing outside into the wild.

Spring is in the air, hmmm how nice. I could see and smell the nature, excited and young again. How wonderful. After a winter like we have had it is amazing that anything has survived, but you will be surprised. The snowdrops are in full bloom, crocuses are coming out and wild cyclamens are sunbathing in our courtyard. Nature still amazes me as well as inspiring my little creative bugs. There is nothing I can compare it with. I am asked many times what my inspiration is and if I have somebody particular who inspires me. Well look around and you will see what is my inspiration, herself - mother nature. I do hope that our species will not destroy it and take everything for granted, as I can see how some do by throwing rubbish from their pockets or car windows, anywhere without a care in the world. I’m not going to get into a debate of whose policy is right or wrong or have a go at the environmental issues which I do not understand sometimes but I do care very much about the 'balance' of nature

In my humble opinion, increasing population is a huge problem. And it isn’t just me saying that - “There are now three times as many people in the world than when I started making television programmes a mere 56 years ago,”Sir David Attenborough observed, after becoming a patron of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT) think-tank. It is frightening.

....going back to our day out - having only a day is very difficult to choose where to walk so we decided to make a circuit by car. We stopped at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, and picked up the new ‘Words by the Water Literature Festival programme. 5 – 14th March - I can’t believe it has come around again so quickly. We also stopped at the most wonderful view point ‘Surprise View’, on the back road to Watendlath Tarn, and had a hot mug of coffee with a biscuit. Yes, I was very pleased with myself for being so organised early on, so we could enjoy a picnic. Small things like this make me happy and content ... I can hear you saying what about the glitz and glamour of catwalks and fashion? It does in a different way... its also work, pressure and deadlines, annnd in my world these two are connected. You need a balance and for me the lakes are that balance, an escape and my inspiration!

Next stop was the famous Buttermere Ayrshire ice cream parlour ...which was closed. Upset? Yes very...mind you, the thought of Crosby’s fish and chips kept me going. I'm so predictable! Yum yum. The best. And if enough space in my tummy a sticky toffee pudd...well I was too full but I nicked some from Mike’s just to make sure that was safe for him to eat it.

We also found a wood carpeted with snowdrops, just like the bluebell carpets we see later in the Spring ... amazing. Sorry, I'm not revealing its whereabouts. Not that I don't trust you ... it's just that there are people who cannot value beauty without digging it up and taking it home. I once had to chase away a tourist who had stopped their car and was trying to dig up the snowdrops outside my house!

Wastwater was splendid and cold. Spectacular, as always. Last time I was there, there was a bride sitting on one of the rocks having her pics taken. Well, providing the weather behaves, you find anywhere much more dramatic ... certainly not in the UK.

Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

Boats in the morning mist, Bowness-on-Windermere

Derwentwater from Keswick, view towards Catbells and Newlands Valley

Derwentwater & Skiddaw from Surprise View near Ashness Bridge

Honister Pass (Road Closed)

Sunset over Wastwater

Snowdrop Wood

WATCH THIS SPACE - More catwalk photos from Jalouse London Fashion Week Closing Show - COMING SOON


As I said before I had no idea what to expect from the LFW Closing Show. The fact that it was London, and a celebrity night club in Mayfair, made me a bit uncomfortable but I had no intention to miss such an opportunity. Plus, all the attention I received from BBC Radio Cumbria and Newcastle over the previous two days had me on edge ... what if my designs were not good enough?

Well it certainly wasn't an anticlimax. The show was spectacular, and much better then I had dared to anticipate. I think I did well. The dresses fitted the models perfectly, and I didn’t have many adjustments to make, even though the rota had changed and a few models couldn’t make it.

I was so impressed and pleased with myself when my new Bubbles 'West Ham' dress fitted the model; I had worked on that dress until the last minute and yes, I’m always worried that something may not be right or may not fit but it did, superbly. And that is something you won't often hear me admit - I'm usually far too critical, but this dress ... well see for yourself when I have the photos! We shall see if I will have any reaction in the press.

There was plenty time for fitting the dresses and making last minute adjustments. The Jalouse Club is in a basement just off Hannover Square in Mayfair, and once the doors were open it soon filled up. And there were certainly some interesting people there ... and plenty of money too judging by the prices of the drinks! The runway followed a route round the sunken dance floor. The plan had been to use the raised, illuminated walls that surrounded it, but with models of six foot or more, plus high heels, there was no clearance due to the hundreds, of amazing crystal lights that are suspended from the ceiling. There was also an area for press and buyers, and if the endless flashes were anything to go by, there should be some good photos to follow. I was first on the runway, followed by Anh Tuan, then Lida O'Reilly from Mauritius.

Backstage: Northern Soul
Photo: Helena TEPLI
Courtesy of La Geneve Events North

I keep forgetting how big London actually is, huuuge - well it has to be for approx 10 million people to live in...and of course the fact that some London people are arrogant hit me at the end of the show when we had to pack everything up. There was a band on after us and they just wanted us out of the way but they didn't lift a finger to help. For goodness sake why do some people have to be so spiteful? If you do not like your life then do something about it, why do you have to take it out on others? Well I can tell you that we gave just the same as we received. Who do they think they are, anyway?

Yes, it was a mess and I nearly lost a dress made out of 4 pieces. If Mike hadn't said to me to go and double check I would probably have left ‘Stolen Dream’ there. It was a complete mess backstage - noisy and dark...infernal. But...I really don’t want that experience to cloud the fact that the show was great and I would do it again if I had the chance...well maybe not under those circumstances.

In the mean time I have to thank Terri Callahan again from ‘La Geneve North Events’ for all her hard work to put this wonderful show together under such a pressure. She never seemed to stop, and despite the stress she must have been under, she always managed a smile. Thank you Terri ,very much. ..

Last minute adjustments
Jalouse - calm before the storm; view towards the bar
Preparations for the Show:
Top: 'School of Art/ Old Firm'; 'Florence No.2'; Bottom: 'Lodore'; 'Chaos'

Chelsea 2 - 4 Man. City

While catching up with my Blog, I was actually listening to what could be the most controversial match of the year: Chelsea v Man. City ... final score 2-4 at Stamford Bridge. Arhhh I felt so sooryy for them. Hahhahahahahahahahaha. Bitter? No - not really. But, you should have heard their fans - pathetic! I will be watching Match of the Day tonight with interest. Somebody up there likes to see justice done!

Oh, yes ... and before you ask ... no, I didn't exhibit a Chelsea dress on the catwalk!

ANGY LFW - Lodore, Wildfire, Florence, Humbug Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 1

'Lodore'. 'Wildfire', 'Florence No.2' & 'Humbug'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Posh, Alice in Sunderland Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 5

'Posh' & 'Alice in Sunderland'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - School of Art & Stolen Dream Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 2

'School of Art / Old Firm' & 'Stolen Dream'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Bubbles, Shades of Grey Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 6

'Bubbles' & 'Shades of Grey'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Northern Soul, The Joker Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 3

'Northern Soul' & 'The Joker'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Angy & Shades of Grey Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 7

Angy & 'Shades of Grey'
by Angy Morton

ANGY LFW - Chaos, It Could be You Jalouse LFW Closing Show
24 February, 2010
You Tube Clip - 4

'Chaos' & 'It Could be You'
by Angy Morton

Music courtesy THE LONG BLONDES - a huge thanks to Dorian and Kate

'Century' from the album 'Couples'
'Giddy Stratospheres' from the album 'Someone to drive you home'



Camped out in a Travelodge near Heathrow - the room has already been taken over by dresses, and the tools of the trade - last minute modifications, plus the small matter of finishing 'Bubbles'. Actually only a few more pearls to go. Wow, this one really is spectacular ... providing the model can pull it off as intended! Anyway, a trip down to London is never complete without a visit to Southall ... as far as I am concerned that is. Southall? I can hear you say ... what about Oxford Street, the Embankment ... yes, yes, yes! Southall has become something of a tradition, and in particular a trip to a certain Indian restaurant, in the heart of such a fascinating Indian community ...

... as you could imagine being told that the Brilliant is only 10 minutes away by bus didn’t help my concentration to work on Bubbles. So at three mnutes to nine I made the decision to go, even though I had fought with the idea for a few hours ...I wish sometimes, just to make our lives easier, I could make decisions quicker. Anyway, I grabbed my hat my coat, Mike, and dashed for the lift, and then the bus stop. Ten minutes by bus ... I must admit I was sceptical ... how many times we have embarked on an epic journey from a trade show in central London, an hour and a half by tube, train, bus and foot, through pouring rain? For once he was right - the bus was waiting and ten minutes later we were seated with a menu having already ordered Cobra beers and starters (a tip: don't miss out on the butter chicken). Well, we couldn't really afford it - but some good friends had given us some money at Christmas to treat ourselves - so huge thanks Jez and Di!

The restaurant was very busy, my knees had nearly given way when we walked in, fearing they were fully booked and we would have to go back to the hotel and eat a tasteless pizza from around the corner. Yuk. Well, they didn't let us down and we had the most wonderful meal...yes I was worried I will smell of curry the next day but I didn’t care at all. That’s life!

My advice: if you are ever near Southall and ready for a meal to blow you out of this world go to Brilliant. Trust me. It’s worth it.... and, afterwards take a stroll. Everybody goes to Chinatown, but Southall is probably even more unique ... temples, shops filled with brilliant saris, windows of gold jewellery, mouth-watering Indian sweet shops, and all manner of fruit and vegetables ... and spices to stock up with. Plus, everyone is so friendly!

Dazzling wall to wall colour: sari shop - Southall


Maybe all the problems I have had with Chelsea have been for the best? After all, do I really want to be associated with such a football club? They definitely don’t need to worry about any adverse publicity connected with my dress, no no no, their own lads are creating plenty of that with their alleged antics off the pitch ... certainly keeping the name of their club in the headlines. Breaks my heart it does!. Why should something positive and creative be written about them when they can attract the smelly stuff instead? Well done!! Keep doing what you're doing guys cause you're doing great!! If you don't know what I'm referring to just read the headlines in any of the tabloids.!

Anyway, my story goes like this; I bought some expensive replica strips, designed and created a beautiful couture dress then asked the club for permission to exhibit it. Remember it wasn't even for sale, rather it highlighted the fact you can actually do something different with a strip, something girly, something useful after it has been consigned to the back of the drawer because a new one has replaced it. The fact is footie is a man’s world, even though we girls follow our teams with just as much passion. There is very little for us to wear because we do not count. And because when it comes to fan wear for ladies the men can often only come up with ladies fit replica shirts, glittery pink sweatshirts or sexy thongs! How original is that! Anyway back to the club in question. They didn’t like it and said 'NO'. They were not interested - well I’m too insignificant in their world, aren’t I? How dare I change their sacred strip? Somebody might copy it and sell it ... I ask you? I mean, I could respect them if all they had asked was for me not to use their crest ... but I have been threatened with legal action even if I exhibit the dress devoid of all trademarks. What is this world coming to if I am censored from exhibiting my own dress because it is blue? I wonder what would happen if a grandma recycles her granddaughter's strip for her? Will they stop the granddaughter in the street saying you cannot wear that because it is in breach of copyright? So what now for the blue dress? It certainly won't appear again as it is, but the design is absolutely stunning so I will rework it with silks, rather than shirts. After all it is a thing of beauty and style inspired by the 'King's Road' - and not by a football club which I would rather was not represented in my personal collection!

I’m amazed how in general, the clubs from up here in the North couldn’t see a problem - even the big clubs such as Manchester City, and Manchester United. OK, Liverpool refused the use of the crest but at least they were realistic about the actual dress. Most of those in London either never bothered to reply to me or banned the idea outright. I’m not stereotyping but it does make you wonder, doesn’t? It certainly makes me wonder ... give me my Toon Army, or these northern lads and attitudes any day. I would rather have the morals, warmth, respect and understanding that I find here, than cold, insensitive characters with no understanding of creative and artistic people, unless they can suck as much money as they can from them.

On a different note, I’m very worried about our society though...you have one side extremely wealthy and the other barely putting food on the table or paying the bills. One day it will end up in tears...big time - I've seen it before in other countries. Maybe not in my generation but by God a society like this cannot be sustained. You cannot have a balanced society with such a gap, a gap that seems to be widening as time passes, whatever the politicians try to tell us.


Life is a strange old thing, a real rollercoaster at times, up when you do not expect, and down when you expect even less and then up again and down again. It gives me headaches makes me dizzy just the same! If that’s the case what am I doing in the business world, I hear you saying? Well I wish I knew that myself. What I do know is that I absolutely love designing and making dresses. I have been doing it since I was six years old, with my grandma, and I have always dreamed of making a living out of it. Stitching, stretching and twisting the fabric, patching and cutting until it becomes a wearable item of clothing. And of course, something new, something different, something nobody else is wearing.

I cannot keep up with this week anymore; yesterday I was just about to make a cup of coffee when Mike said to me that Alexander McQueen is dead. What? What in hell in going on? Today after having read everything I could read about him I concluded that no matter how famous and successful you are, if you do not have your family and your true friends around you, it doesn’t work. Loneliness can kill you. We have seen it before and we will probably see it again ... and again. In today’s world of tabloids and no real talent we have lost a real artist. Sad, very sad. We should all remember him as a uniquely, talented artist.

And, today’s shock? I was just browsing through the papers on the web when I had the shock of my life. The Independent was my first, as usual, and when I opened it there was my favourite picture – one taken by Mike Urwin at Eldon Gardens, the one I had kept to myself for now. And there it was staring out of the screen from the Fashion press page. MY PICTURE!! In THE INDEPENDENT. No, let me re-phrase that - my PICTURES! 14 of them all together !

Click here to see more:
'Football shirt couture: A sport-fashion fusion' The Independent - 12 February, 2010

Thank you very much to Terri and Yolande from La Geneve North Events. You are just fantastic !!!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I really shouldn’t ask.


As you can imagine I’m running my feet off, burning midnight oil 'cause I’m running late again. Still two dresses to do and now, out of the blue I have another show to attend and exhibit at. Mind you, it is actually a Wedding Fair at Leeds United, right up my street. What could be better than showcasing my outfits at a football club? Debra was so pleased when I said I would like to attend. There will be two catwalk shows, so I will be able to show a large part of Stolen Dreams over the day including ... wait for it ... a new wedding dress called 'Stairway to Heaven'! Come on, with an all white strip, they're asking for it!

PS. and a bonus, not only will I have my stand near the chocolate fountain (!!!), but no need for lots of bored men lurking around, hands in pockets, because there will be complimentary stadium tours and live football in the bar. Now that's what I call good organisation!


'Posh' modelled by Zoe from AM Models, Newcastle
Photo: MW Photography; Hair: YSalon
Location: Central Arcade, Newcastle

  • Fusion of Fashion and Football
  • 19 unique, couture designs representing 16 top flight UK football clubs;plus 4 variations
  • The complete collection comprises over 50 individual replica shirts plus other quality fabrics and accessories
  • Each outfit has taken up to 14 days to create
  • Collection inspired by the ups and downs of top flight football, especially the chaos at Newcastle United
  • Created to raise my profile as a creative designer
  • This is an artistic collection - none of these designs is intended for sale
  • Environmentally Friendly: highlights the possibilities for recycling old replica shirts (each club releases 2-4 different shirts each season)
  • Not every dress is so elaborate - one is a very simple dress that anybody could make
  • Highlights lack of quality, designer or fashionable day or evening wear for female football fans


Click below to download
my latest leaflet;

Bespoke Fashion
- with a Difference

PDF (1mb)


'Disposable fashion and LFW' Interview with Kevin Fernihough, BBC Radio Cumbria - 5 March, 2010

'Football Fan Wear' Interview on Alfie & Charlie Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Newcastle - 23 February, 2010

'London Fashion Week' Interview on Mike Parr Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Cumbria - 22 February, 2010

'Football shirt couture: A sport-fashion fusion' The Independent (Online Fashion & Sport Sections) - 12 February, 2010

'Football and Fashion Fusion at Jalouse for End of LFW' Fashion Industry Network - 9 February, 2010

'Change Strip' Leeds United Fanzone Magazine - February/ March 2010 (PDF)

'Footie Fashion' Cumbria Life - February, 2010
'Footie Fashion' on North East Tonight (ITV Tyne Tees) - Broadcast on 29 January, 2010
'Footie Fashion' on Lookaround (ITV Border) - Broadcast on 29 January, 2010

'Stolen Dreams' : Group photos in 'Percy Street' and 'Eldon Garden', Newcast;e
Models: AM Models, Newcastle
Photos: Mike Urwin
Location: Central Arcade, Newcastle

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SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2008 (Newcastle United Wedding Dress - Wedding Shows)
AUGUST - SEPT. 2008 (Fashion Designers - Spectrum Collection - Sara Gadd)
JUNE - JULY 2008 (Haute Couture - Vivienne Westwood - Dorset Buttons - Magna Carta)
FEBRUARY - MAY 2008 (Lake District Inspirations - Long Blondes - Wedding Show)
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