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Angy's Blog January - February 2010

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District!

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24 FEBRUARY, 2010: LONDON FASHION WEEK CLOSING CATWALK SHOW at 'Jalouse' in London's Mayfair; 21:00 to Late
By invitation only; spectacular fashion event for new designers organised by LGN Events to coincide with the end of LFW,

14 MARCH, 2010: LEED UNITED SPRING WEDDING SHOW at Elland Road, Leeds; 11:00 - 16:00
Stolen Dreams will appear on Catwalk Shows at 12:00 and 14:00


The Premiership Collection
By Angy Morton

A unique, and spectacular fusion of fashion and football, inspired by the ups and downs of top flight football.

Date: 24 February, 2010 at 21:00
Venue: Jalouse Club, Mayfair, London
Organiser: La Geneve North Events

London Fashion Week closing Catwalk Show at the exclusive celebrity private members' venue, 'Jalouse' in London's Mayfair

The best of 'Stolen Dreams' including the latest addition, 'Bubbles'. and a sneak preview of the first of my brand new 'Pyromania' ready-to-wear designs will be exhibited on the final catwalk show of the evening.

By invitation only


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Bespoke Fashion
- with a Difference

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'Football Fan Wear' Interview on Alfie & Charlie Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Newcastle - 23 February, 2010

'London Fashion Week' Interview on Mike Parr Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Cumbria - 22 February, 2010

'Football shirt couture: A sport-fashion fusion' The Independent (Online Fashion & Sport Sections) - 12 February, 2010

'Football and Fashion Fusion at Jalouse for End of LFW' Fashion Industry Network - 9 February, 2010

'Change Strip' Leeds United Fanzone Magazine - February/ March 2010 (PDF)

'Footie Fashion' Cumbria Life - February, 2010
'Footie Fashion' on North East Tonight (ITV Tyne Tees) - Broadcast on 29 January, 2010
'Footie Fashion' on Lookaround (ITV Border) - Broadcast on 29 January, 2010


Life is a strange old thing, a real rollercoaster at times, up when you do not expect, and down when you expect even less and then up again and down again. It gives me headaches makes me dizzy just the same! If that’s the case what am I doing in the business world, I hear you saying? Well I wish I knew that myself. What I do know is that I absolutely love designing and making dresses. I have been doing it since I was six years old, with my grandma, and I have always dreamed of making a living out of it. Stitching, stretching and twisting the fabric, patching and cutting until it becomes a wearable item of clothing. And of course, something new, something different, something nobody else is wearing.

I cannot keep up with this week anymore; yesterday I was just about to make a cup of coffee when Mike said to me that Alexander McQueen is dead. What? What in hell in going on? Today after having read everything I could read about him I concluded that no matter how famous and successful you are, if you do not have your family and your true friends around you, it doesn’t work. Loneliness can kill you. We have seen it before and we will probably see it again ... and again. In today’s world of tabloids and no real talent we have lost a real artist. Sad, very sad. We should all remember him as a uniquely, talented artist.

And, today’s shock? I was just browsing through the papers on the web when I had the shock of my life. The Independent was my first, as usual, and when I opened it there was my favourite picture – one taken by Mike Urwin at Eldon Gardens, the one I had kept to myself for now. And there it was staring out of the screen from the Fashion press page. MY PICTURE!! In THE INDEPENDENT. No, let me re-phrase that - my PICTURES! 14 of them all together !

Click here to see more:
'Football shirt couture: A sport-fashion fusion' The Independent - 12 February, 2010

Thank you very much to Terri and Yolande from La Geneve North Events. You are just fantastic !!!
I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I really shouldn’t ask.


As you can imagine I’m running my feet off, burning midnight oil 'cause I’m running late again. Still two dresses to do and now, out of the blue I have another show to attend and exhibit at. Mind you, it is actually a Wedding Fair at Leeds United, right up my street. What could be better than showcasing my outfits at a football club? Debra was so pleased when I said I would like to attend. There will be two catwalk shows, so I will be able to show a large part of Stolen Dreams over the day including ... wait for it ... a new wedding dress called 'Stairway to Heaven'! Come on, with an all white strip, they're asking for it!

PS. and a bonus, not only will I have my stand near the chocolate fountain (!!!), but no need for lots of bored men lurking around, hands in pockets, because there will be complimentary stadium tours and live football in the bar. Now that's what I call good organisation!

31 JANUARY, 2010 - BBC 'INSIDE OUT' - Sportsdirect @ St.James' Park

Just when you think that things are looking up, yet another blow for my beloved team. I’m not sure how to take this just yet ... I guess we’ll see tonight. BBC Inside Out at 22:30: Inside Out: Sports Direct

Later: well, I watched and it made me sick. How sad that a club with such a great heritage can fall to such a low. Pile it high, sell it cheap and don't worry who you stamp on, on the way up ... from heroes such as Alan Shearer or Kevin Keegan, to the poor people working in horrendous conditions as slave labour in South East Asia to produce the clothing for Sports Direct. Just makes me more determined to manufacture my own lines in the UK, or under very strict safeguards to ensure fairness ... if you have to make your money from the suffering of others you shouldn't be in business. I wanted to say the other day that I respect Ashley's stand that top flight football players should receive no more than £30K per week (... still monopoly money mind you ...) but, no matter what he says, you still have to ask yourself is he telling the truth?


Just back after a long, long day in Newcastle. Amazingly the Tyne Tees & Border interview went ahead, despite all the setbacks of the last few months – floods, snow, and so on. I had no idea what to expect. Richard from ITV told me to relax and take it easy but you know how it is. I’m not very good at pushing myself forward or ‘selling myself’ as business people call it. I’m an artist. I love to be creative, I love the artistic side, and not the commercial...My hubby is always reminding me that I need to focus on the commercial side to go further with the artist bits. Oh I do detest the commercial bit at times!

I had to bring everybody together in just two days: models, make-up and hairstyle. Well I couldn’t really afford a hairstylist this time, so we had to make do with the girls’ natural hair. The models and make-up artist had arranged to meet in front of The Baltic by 0930 so that by 1030 we would be ready for the ITV crew to start filming. Because we had that floor at the Baltic only for couple of hours, between 1030 and 1200, everything had to be spot on time. Well I have to tell you, I always get tense before anything as I want everything to be perfect on the way. By 1000 Jane, the make-up artist still hadn’t arrived so I called her and she said there was no way she could come as she had a bad night with cold. Luckily I always carry with me a bag with cosmetics. After helping with the make-up I was in such a panic...we were late and I still had no idea what I was going to say, and what the questions would be. Thankfully the reporter, Helen was wonderful. She put me at ease with a chat before hand, looked through the dresses and explained what we would be doing.

In the end everything went smoothly, even under such pressure. We had a private room on the top floor of the Baltic overlooking the Millennium Bridge and the Tyne, with a fabulous backdrop of the Sage, Quayside and the famous bridges. It was an ideal location for filming the girls and for the interview. The questions were sensible and I think, despite my earlier, it was a good report. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the finished feature as we had couple of meetings in Newcastle so there was no way we could catch the 6 clock news. It was broadcast on North East Tonight (Tyne Tees) and Lookaround (Border TV). So I asked all my friends and my in laws to have a look, report back. By quarter to seven my mobile started bleeping with messages. I was terrified they might be commiserating with, rather than congratulating me, but they were all full of well done. It looked great. I love my friends in Newcastle...even Richard said it looked good and professional and we may work together on future projects. How cool is that?

Unfortunately nobody managed to record the feature which was a great pity as I really wanted to save a copy for my records. Well you would if were you! Thankfully the news bulletin was on the ITV website for 24 hours. So yes, at least I have seen it.

Newcastle was fun, as always. The weather on the other hand couldn’t make her mind up, one minute it was snowing the next it was sunshine and a blue sky. We crossed the bridge for a quick coffee before the interview and were distracted by a commotion in front of the Malmaison - a small crowd, balloons - Mike said it must be somebody important as they were photographers everywhere. We found out later that it was a charity stunt with Alan Shearer...

Traditional art nouveau style pub on Bigg Market

Well, we went up to St James Park, called in on Leah and Mark at AM Models, and had a coffee with another good friend, Mike Urwin, one of the photographers I hired for my ‘Stolen Dreams’ launch. Take a peek at his website:


By the time we had walked back down Grey Street to the Quayside, the sun had set, and a very bright, large full moon was rising in the sky. I half expected to hear wolves howling. Very spooky! I had a laugh with Jamie my neighbour (another Geordie (). When he asked where I was, I said Millennium Bridge why?, ‘Is it very cold over there?’ I said ‘No I’m sun bathing...what do you think?’ It was freezing. Anyway it didn’t matter because the view was beautiful, especially with the reflection of the moon on the water ...

I would like to thank, as always, Leah at AM models for helping me with the models for the interview. Unfortunately he clip was short and they didn’t mention the agency, but the girls will have been pleased. Will do anything I can to help them as they are such lovely people and deserve success.


Full moon iver the Tyne - Left to Right; top to bottom: The Sage & the Tyne Bridges at duskl Millennium Bridge and Baltic; Newcastle Quayside wiuth Millennium Bridge; The Baltic Gallery and moonlight


NEWS NEWS NEWS: I'm bubbling at the moment. I have an interview with ITV Tyne Tees and Border tomorrow morning at the Baltic in Newcastle. What a fantastic location for a photoshoot - a great, contemporary art gallery!

Four of my wacky 'Stolen Dreams' dresses will be on TELLY - fab! Success at last? Not sure about that - it all depends on how you measure success, as I'm still struggling like mad to break through commercially. I may even need to take a part time job to keep going for the next few months - plenty publicity and lots of great stuff bubbling under the surface, but these things take time. Patience Angy ... don't give up! That's what everyone tells me!

Anyway, back to tomorrow ... already have butterflies in my tumnmy. Thank goodness it won't be live so there may be just a few retakes! I have the girls all sorted out thanks to Leah's professionalism at AM Models again. There will be four of them, and four dresses, ... and a few more in the car just in case. Make-up sorted out too, thanks to Jane. Can't afford a hairstylist this time though, so I will have to go for the natural look. Providing the weather behaves, everything should be OK. Wish me luck ... !!!

PS. not sure when it goes on air ... possibly tomorrow evening after the news bulletin. Will let you know otherwise!


It's always the same. The moment I say, "I've not got much to do," something always comes my way. I sometimes wonder if by saying that, I'm pushing some kind of mysterious door open.

This time it was an out of the blue invitation to participate on a catwalk at a private event marking the closing show of London Fashion Week. Yeah, right! I really thought it was somebody having me on, or a dodgy email. Please give me a break, I thought! I mean after the Liverpool farce, I am entitled to be just a little sceptical. However, before the temptation to press delete became too much I asked Mike for a second opinion ... well, he said, it seems genuine. So after doing some homework, I replied, half expecting to receive no reply. Well, I can tell you, I had an even bigger shock because it was for real!!! London? Me? I nearly fainted. Are you sure it's me you want, and not somebody else? Yolande, from LGN Events, was on the phone the moment she received my e-mail, and we were soon deep in a girly chat. It was me she wanted at the show. She has grown disillusioned by the dominance of celebrity culture in fashion and is seeking new ideas and new, exciting designers for her events. My knees nearly gave way. I know its only a peripheral show, but it is a huge step forward for me, and as Yolande remarked when I voiced my concerns, I am a 'London Virgin' after all!

So now its full steam ahead once more - commissions to finish, dresses to resize (they don't have anything above size 12 down there, and even that's frowned upon ... yuk), and two new dresses to complete, maybe three - as it is London I need to make an impact. I will be exhibiting 14 designs on the closing catwalk, probably ten of the best from 'Stolen Dreams' including 'Bubbles', plus the first of a pilot collection of 'ready-to-wear' evening dresses, and maybe 'Firecracker', the newest of my 'Four Seasons' theme, if it is ready in time. Of course I'm not holding my breath - once bitten, twice shy as they say - so I'm still keeping an open mind.

The event will take place on 24th February at the exclusive private members club, 'Jalouse', in Mayfair's Hanover Square. Invitation only so please feel free to email if you require further details. A new experience awaits me. can't wait but ... must dash, lots to do (again)!

Check out LGN Events:
jalouse Club, Mayfair:

You can also check out my new page on Fashion Industry Network:


Wowwww! What a noise. It's always the same when I hear the roar from the crowd, my hair stands on end! There is nothing to compare with a good game at St. James' Park. I can't imagine how intimidating it must be for the rival team. Extremely, I suspect. We were listening to the match on Radio 5 live (not qute the same as being there - but beggars can't be choosers, as they say). Anyway, we were both making ourselves busy at the same time to calm our nerves. I was playing with the cats and Mike was peeling and eating oranges.

What a game! My heart was in my mouth, and on a couple of occasions I had to pick myself up off the floor, especially in the last 10 minutes. This was a critical match - we couldn't afford to lose, especially as it would be the end of our unbeaten home run. A goal in the first minute of the first half was a real scare, and then nail biting misses by both sides in the closing seconds. You feel like screaming, 'go for it you idiot!' at times, but anyone can be an armchair expert, ready with the criticism. Its very easy when you are not there on the pitch! It ended 2-2, a good result, as both teams were really up for it. We have done far better than anybody expected over the last few months - what a contrast this motivated, hard working team is compared to the disinterested, overpaid bunch that got us relegated. Despite all my reservations about ownership of the club, and the squad itself, they deserve to be promoted. Well we didn't win today, but we didn't lose either. Another valuable point, and we are still on top, with a game in hand. Howay the lads! They will go up, I know they will!

I loaned one of my Stolen Dreams' outfits, 'Old Firm' to Leah of AM Models, for a wedding in Scotland.
Very appropriate! Really suits her as you can see. Hope the bride wasn't a Rangers fan!


I will start my 2010 blog by wishing all of you blog readers a Happy New Year. I hope mine will be after the last one! I'm so happy to see the back of it. At the same time I wasn't the only one to suffer disappointment in 2009. Everybody, I've spoken to seems to have been bitter about it. Some lost businesses or homes, some were diagnosed with breast or colon cancer. I even heard about a celebration in New York where papers and documents relating to 2009 were burned or shredded! I can't really complain, and this is what I realised (with the help of my hubby) over the Christmas; I have my family, health, my cats, the beautiful place I call home, and my lovely, wonderful husband.

On the business side I've learned to be more careful, and not be afraid to ask additional questions if necessary, especially after the Liverpool fiasco, before agreeing anything, even verbally. Did I tell you that the event organiser threatened to sue me because I cancelled the event in December and wrote about it on my blog? There was nothing but uncertainty about the event, changes of the venue and no written contract. I sudeenly realised that by going ahead I would have seriously risked my reputation as there were just too many uncertainties, too many unticked boxes. I almost wish he had tried it on - he never had a leg to stand on, and I am pretty sure that if it had gone ahead the only one taking legal action would have been me!

People sometimes don't understand that when you are building a business, reputation is everything. Statistics prove that 'untrustworthy' travels twice as fast as 'trustworthy', and some shoot themselves in the foot in the first months of trading because they haven't grasped that. Reputation and Customer Service are heavy words. I have been working at my good reputation for as long as I can remember, and I have received no complaints because I'm genuine, and I pride myself on providing a genuine personal service. I have nothing to hide. No, this isn't patronising. Its just a constant reminder that business is not only about taking money and trying to get rich. My reputation is everything, and I intend to work as hard as it takes to keep it, and my services, intact.

The BIG freeze: Sizergh Castle near Kendal; frozen leaves


We went out on New Year's Eve. First to the pictures in Ambleside, then a romantic meal. It is so nice to see the snow from indoors, sitting in the warmth with a mug of hot tea, but the moment you open the door it hits you! The ice on the roads is the worst, especially invisible black ice. We usually avoid the mains roads for various reasons, but this time we had no choice. The winding back roads are wonderful but not at this time of the year when many are actually impassable, especially with our little car. The car park in Ambleside was like a skating rink. I was like Bambi, one foot one way, the other the opposite. I felt just like a little girl again ... skating all the way to the cinema, and giggling. The only difference was the distance from my bum to the ground is now further, so I hit the ground harder ... and it hurts more!


'Posh' modelled by Zoe from AM Models, Newcastle
Photo: MW Photography; Hair: YSalon
Location: Central Arcade, Newcastle

  • Fusion of Fashion and Football
  • 19 unique, couture designs representing 16 top flight UK football clubs;plus 4 variations
  • The complete collection comprises over 50 individual replica shirts plus other quality fabrics and accessories
  • Each outfit has taken up to 14 days to create
  • Collection inspired by the ups and downs of top flight football, especially the chaos at Newcastle United
  • Created to raise my profile as a creative designer
  • This is an artistic collection - none of these designs is intended for sale
  • Environmentally Friendly: highlights the possibilities for recycling old replica shirts (each club releases 2-4 different shirts each season)
  • Not every dress is so elaborate - one is a very simple dress that anybody could make
  • Highlights lack of quality, designer or fashionable day or evening wear for female football fans

'Stolen Dreams' : Group photos in 'Percy Street' and 'Eldon Garden', Newcast;e
Models: AM Models, Newcastle
Photos: Mike Urwin
Location: Central Arcade, Newcastle


Catwalk shots from the 'Lavish & Luxe' fashion extravaganza at Wynyard Hall. Many thanks to Jenny Cook at NCJ.
'Northern Soul'; 'Stolen Dream'; 'It Could be You'
'Humbug'; 'Posh'; 'Shades of Grey'
Photos: Courtesy of NCJ Media
Models: Tyne Tees Models

Lavish & Luxe - Apple Noddy & Wildfire Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 1

'Apple Noddy' and 'Wild Fire'
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Luxe - Northern Soul Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 7

'Northern Soul' (Wigan Athletic)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Luxe - Loadsamoney Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 2

'Loadsamoney' (Manchester City)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Lush - Humbug Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 8

'Humbug' (Everton)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Luxe - Old Firm Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 3

'Old Firm' (Celtic)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Lush - Stolen Dream Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 9

'Stolen Dream' (Hull City)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Luxe: Harvest Moon Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 4

'Harvest Moon'
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Lush - The Joker Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 10

'The Joker' (Liverpool)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Luxe - Shades of Grey
Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 5

'Shades of Grey' (Newcastle United)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Lush - Kings Road, Midnight Sun, Posh Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 11
'Midnight Sun' and 'Posh' (Manchester United)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Luxe - It Could be You Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 6

'It Could Be You' (Leeds United)
by Angy Morton

Lavish & Lush - Alice in Sunderland Lavish & Luxe
25 November. 2009
You Tube Clip - 12

'Alice in Sunderland' (Sunderland)
by Angy Morton

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OCTOBER 2008 (Woman Event - Catwalk Photos - Radio Cumbria - Brochure Download)
SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2008 (Newcastle United Wedding Dress - Wedding Shows)
AUGUST - SEPT. 2008 (Fashion Designers - Spectrum Collection - Sara Gadd)
JUNE - JULY 2008 (Haute Couture - Vivienne Westwood - Dorset Buttons - Magna Carta)
FEBRUARY - MAY 2008 (Lake District Inspirations - Long Blondes - Wedding Show)
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