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Angy's Blog September - October 2009

The trials and tribulations of a fashion designer in the Lake District!

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12 NOVEMBER 2009: STOLEN DREAMS 2010 - LAUNCH, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Eldon Gardens, Newcastle - from 10:30

20 NOVEMBER 2009: CHARITY FASHION SHOW, St Anne's' Church, Haverthwaite Download Poster - 0.5mb PDF
Charity Fashion CatwalkShow by Romantique Couture, also feauturing designs by Ele Horsley

25 NOVEMBER 2009: LAVISH & LUXE FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA, Wynyard Hall, Tees Valley (Durham)
Night of Catwalk Fashion & Fun hosted by Scott Henshall in the luxurious suirroundings of Wynyard Hall; 19:00-Midnight

DECEMBER 2009: FASHION EVENT, Metropolitan Catherdral Crypt, Liverpool
Two-day fashion extravaganza with catwalks shows showcasing the work of innovative designers. Pending confirmation.

The Premiership Collection
By Angy Morton

A unique, and spectacular fusion of fashion and football, inspired by the chaos at Newcastle United.

Launch: 12
November, 2009
Venue: Eldon Gardens,

Due to the continued uncertainty at Newcastle United, the proposed launch of Stolen Dreams at St James' Park, as a charity fashion event has been cancelled. I am currently working on an alternative, exciting initiative and will let you know more details once I have confirmation. Meanwhile, other shows have not been affected. Stolen Dreams will also be exhibited as the finale of the Lavish & Luxe Fashion Show .



Just when I thought thing's couldn't get any worse ... they did! I have sometimes been called for being negative but I have had so many 'hopes' shattered during my life that I am no longer surprised when something the other side of white happens. And today it did. Ashley is no longer selling the club. He has apppinted Hughton as manager and appears to be gambling on a quick return to the Premiership to cut his losses. And to make matters worse, to add insult to injury, he has dropped another bombshell - selling the naming rights of St James' Park. Or is it another smokescreen? 120 years or so of tradition flushed down the toilet for a few more bucks. I can just see it now - the 'Sports Direct Stadium' - the 'Poundsavers' of the football world.

Surely there has to be a law or a regulatory body that can say 'enough is enough'. I know it is his money, his club, his toy to play with and throw out of his pram as he pleases, but surely there must be a limit? Surely he can't just stamp on 120 years of proud tradition like this. Can he? Or, maybe I'm just a naive girl with tears in her eyes.

The more I consider the rumour Ashley made a bet with another Spurs supporter that he would bring Newcastle to its knees, the more I am beginning to believe it. How else can you explain the mismanagement ... and the lies? And what next? It doesn't bear thinking about. Many fans are talking of boycotts or protests. Maybe they are right. I certainly don't agree with the appeasers. Sure, get behind the club, but nobody can trust Ashley to invest - can they? I certainly struggle to believe anything he says. Premiership? Dream on! There are only a few points separating the top ten clubs so without forward planning, good management and investment what is the chance we will go up? And if we do, then what? Call it pessimism if you like but on the balance I would call it realism. Please, please Mike Ashley - prove me wrong!

This man has made a mockery of the club, the fans, and even the city of Newcastle - a saga that is a match for any Christmas pantomime. I believe in this club and in its proud fans, and I am not prepared to stand by while they dismantle it to line their pockets. I stood up to a dictator once before - a real one - twenty years ago, on a bitterly cold, winter's day, shouting until I could shout no more, bullets whistling past my ears, defying the tanks with thousands of other people Standing up for what I believed in ... for liberty and justice. But that is another story.

Anyway, I came across the poem on the right in a blog in this morning's Chronicle. It sums up what my new collection, 'Stolen Dreams' is all about perfectly - I couldn't have put it better. The author, Spence, has kindly allowed me to reproduce it here:

PS. Situation summed up nicely by George Caulkin in The Times - see the article:

Renaming St James' Park is a flawed notion which must not and cannot stand

And, John Gibson writing in the Chronice:

NUFC prospects bleak as long as Ashley is in charge

The State Of Play, (In the English Game)
By Spence

The pitch war rages; It's kick off time
The cloth cap Kings begin to sing
Weather worn faces chant in line
Cursing and urging the team to win

But behind closed doors
There's so much more
Than there was before
A Brand
A Label
Transfer cash on the table
Agents and players
On maximum wages

It's the state of play in the English game
'The Beautiful Game' of the proletariat
The Prawn Sandwich Brigade support the overpaid
While we're being used to feed the fattest of cats

Billionaire 'benefactors'
Out paying all detractors
Gangster wheeler dealers
Totalitarian ex-leaders
Sweat shop merchandisers
Buying clubs then capitalising

The punters cough up the coffers
Ticket prices always rising? Not surprising
Cheap 'this and that' tat that up's the profit
Multi millions in sponsors and advertising

Grand ground improvement schemes
Who'll build the next Theatre of Dreams?
At the cost of those who have the least
The ones who turn up every other week

We pay for those in the directors box
Who throw money around like it's out of date
A continual profit at the supporters cost
Those cloth cap Kings outside the gates


The pitch war rages; It's kick off time
The cloth cap Kings begin to sing
Weather worn faces chant in line
Cursing and urging the team to win


It is looking increasingly likely that the new collection will now be launched at the Lavish & Luxe Fashion Show at Wynyard Hall on 25 November 2009. Sadly, time is running out for a catwalk show in Central Arcade as I require notice for a licence to enable us to collect funds for The Prince's Trust. However, please place 12 November 2009 in your diaries, and watch this space!

Meanwhile, the actual collection is virtually complete. I have just finished a very spectacular dress called 'Alice in Sunderland' and am presently working on Leeds United - another great club that has fallen and stands as a warning to the folly of big money in football. Many of the designs in this collection carry hidden meanings - some of them more subtle then others such as the series of dresses charting the NUFC saga!


As well as the spectacular autumn colours, this time of year is excellent for wildlife. We have already seen skeins of geese migrating south, while in the woods we come across all kinds of mushrooms and toadstools, including the fairty-tale fly agarics with their scarlet caps. However, when Mike suggested popping over to the next valley to see if we could see red deer rutting I was sceptical - I know we have seen plenty of deer around but stags rutting? That is something you only see on the television!

Left: Dominant red deer stag guards his hinds in the Rusland Valley

Below: The same stag bellowing - it has just seen off the younger stag, which is making a hasty retreat to lower land!

Well, as the pictures above show, I was wrong again! We quickly found a group of some 30 or more hinds and two stags roaring and bellowing at each other. While we watched, the younger stag made an attempt to reach the hinds but was quickly seen off by the dominant stag. Other stags were roaring deeper on the woods. The lower part of the valley, a wilderness of original pine forest, deciduous woods and peat bogs, is home to a wild herd of up to 100 red deer while there is another, larger herd, higher up the valley in Grizedale Forest.


I still despair at how low our club has fallen, and I worry that things will only get worse as the season progresses. A few wins, top of the Championship and many of the fans seem as fickle as their accusers pronounce them. Just like the conversation I overheard at St James' Park in the summer - "A couple of wins, and the fans will be behind us again' - like a flock of sheep. But the truth is we have just lost to Scunthorpe ... don't get me wrong, no disrespect to Scunthorpe for they thoroughly deserved the win - it just shows how the 'mighty' have fallen when a team that was in the Premiership last season struggles against and cannot beat a small team that was in League One last season. And is it surprising? Of course not. While we continue to be owned by a pile it high, sell it cheap wide boy, who has admitted he knows nothing about running football clubs, has made huge mistakes, and has no respect for Newcastle - the club, supporters or the city - anything can happen. The club is in total chaos. Nobody really knows what is happening. Is is really up for sale? Have there really been any bids? Or is it just a smokescreen while he gambles that the team will automatically be promoted back to the Premiership so he can secure a higher return? Risky gamble with a paper thin squad, no investment in new players, a caretaker manager who has been doing a good job, but is hardly up to planning for the future, and a predilection for selling off any players he can to make a fast buck. Even if we manage to bungle our way back into the Premiership, what chance then? We have had a winning streak, we are well-placed in the table, but then again we should be ... so the loss against Scunthorpe should set the alarm bells ringing. What happened to the protests? I don't advocate a boycott, however much it might hurt Ashley in the pocket, because it would also damage the team - but a protest? We have seen how the protests make him squirm and to what lengths he will go, making up stories, to deflect from negative criticism. Come on Mike - sell up or invest - and most important let us have some truth!


I can hardly believe it is already Autumn. Time has wizzed by this year. When I was young it seemed to drag - I was always impatient for it to pass more quickly.

Now the woods and hillsides are ablaze with colour. I don't have much time free to appreciate it this year but I did force myself to get up this morning and take a walk through the early mist up to the summit of our nearest mountain - Gummers How. And, as you can see from these pictures, it was well worth the effort!

Photographs from Left to Right,
Top to Bottom:

River Leven at Fell Foot

Mist over the Leven Valley & Windermere, from Gummers How

End of Windermere at Fell Foot

Windermere steamers Swan and Tern in morning mist at Lakeside


I am an avid reader, and have just received a new book than I cannot put down. It is called 'The Grave Tattoo' and is by Val McDermid, writer of the Wire in the Blood series. The story is set in the Lake District and revolves around a theory that Fletcher Christian, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame, returned to England and was harboured by William Wordsworth. A tattooed body is uncovered on the fells leading to a nail-biting mystery, full of twists, deceipt. lies and danger. It is especially interesting for me because the action takes place here in the Lake District, and of course both Fletcher Christian and William Wordswrth were 'local lads'. If you like mysteries get hold of a copy - it really is gripping!


Just back from a long day of meetings in Newcastle and Gateshead. I am working on a catwalk stunt and photo shoot which promises to be different and rather exciting - cannot reveal details yet. Also considering various options regarding the actual launch of Stolen Dreams in Newcastle. Great support from the likes of NE1, Newcastle-Gateshead Initiative and people I could work with to provide models and dancers.

Gateshead: Millennium Bridge, Baltic & Sage.

One suggestion is to organise an evening street catwalk event in the beautiful Edwardian 'art nouveau' Central Arcade. It is a lovely venue which would enhance my avant-garde designs. Models could file back and forth along the mosaic floor between dancers or mime artists. We would also use the event to collect funds for a worthwhile cause - the Prince's Trust. Anybody could turn up and come and go as they please. I am also, thinking of using live musicians rather than backing music. I have received support from the City Council and various cultural initiatives who want to animate the spaces in the city centre. However, it all hinges on the tennants of the Central Arcade so I am awaiting their answer.

I also had a very productive meeting with Bernice and Sarah at an excellent public relations company called
SORTED. They suggested some excellent ideas for moving my business forward. They have plenty of experience in the fashion industry and have put together a series of events called Fashion for a Good Cause. Hopefully we will be able to work together on a number of exciting ventures and shows.

Central Arcade, Newcastle


Here are a few pictures of costumes from my 'Spectrum in Four Seasons' collection. They were taken on the catwalk at the Love-it Media Wedding Show at the Nines in September

Left to Right: Florence No.2 worn by Emma; Scirocco worn by Emma; Shades of Grey worn by Ashleigh; Apple Noddy worn by Laura

Photos courtesy of Love-it Media

"The club admitted to the tribunal that it repeatedly and intentionally misled the press, public and the fans of Newcastle United"

[Kevin Keegan]

I'm glad that Kevin Keegan has been vindicated. And that I was right when I started my protest. And I'm glad that I stuck to my guns! I wouldn't give the time of day to Mike Ashley. Not even when he started apologising, and trying to win over the fans. It was obvious that something was rotten long before we were relegated. All those crocodile tears and making out on the one hand that he wanted to do the best for Newcastle, and on the other voicing his fear at bringing his family to the city. Shame on you! Sorry, but he has treated this once proud football club with contempt, just like the pile it high, sell it cheap, sports shop empire he also runs.

It was all selfish greed, right from the beginning, and now it has been exposed. Indeed, the whole greed culture of the football world has once more been exposed in this tribunal. Not that anybody has any doubt when they see the 'Monopoly Money' sums changing hands for players. This is what Stolen Dreams is all about - the trials and tribulations, and the folly!

So congratulations to Kevin for standing up for his principles. There are those that are sayng he was also greedy, asking for too much, and risking sending the club into administration. Maybe they are right? Or, maybe the amounts quoted were just bargaining by lawyers, like the over-inflated claims in divorce cases? Time will tell. Meanwhile, I hope that the club can now be finally sold and we can look forward to a better future. They are doing remarkably well at the moment but without investment, and planning for the future, I fear what could happen even if they do make it back to the Premiership this season. One thing is certain, I'll still be cheering them on regardless of what other surprises are in store off the pitch!


Time heals everything - or so the saying goes. We shall see. After six months work and thousands of pounds invested in creating my new collection, the cancer charity that was organising the show for me at St James' Park, has cancelled. Lack of funds for any events was cited as one reason. The continuing uncertainlty at Newcastle another. Any other idea or suggestion we made was answered with a 'no we cannot do this' or 'no, we cannot do that.' Upset. Empty. Speechless. Shocked. Disappointed. The sky collapsed on me. My fatigue from ther early morning journey to Newcastle, for the meeting, disappeared in a matter of seconds. They could have saved us the journey. Denial, and ignorance, and not wanting to be there, were all emotions I experienced. And, to be honest, once the bombshell has been dropped, I didn't pay any real attention to their chit-chat. 'Oh did you see such and such at the Bobby Robson Memorial service?' ... and so on , and so on. Meaningless, name dropping. Further humiliation.

I can say that I have learned a very important lesson, though I should have realised the truth earlier. The signs were already there - poor communication, no fixed date for the event, unfulfilled promises, lack of urgency. More than once I was advised to issue an ultimatum to them by friends and business colleagues who couldn't believe the way in which I was being treated. But I hoped and hoped for an answer. After all they were a charity - and you don't treat charities like businesses. You give them the benefit of your doubt because you want to support them. Mistake! Big mistake! My rules are simple: treat people as you wish to be treated and show them respect. Never promise anything if for some reason you know you cannot keep that promise, and if circumstances change, let them know immediately. And, no name dropping. You would think that a well-known, respected charity would have the same principles. Clearly not. So, one more important rule - don't rely on anybody but yourself, and be prepared to be let down.

I held my nerve and my dignity throughout the meeting but afterwards I had a good cry, and snapped at my unfortunate hubby, as the panic set in. Big time. Reality check. What now? 22 new outfits and nowhere to show them. Or my ready-to-wear designs. Merchandising opportunities. Well, there was some serious brainstorming as you can imagine. I called everybody we know in Newcastle to see if I could fit in with any other forthcoming event. But, it was either too late, didn't fit in, or wait another six months. I received plenty of sympathy and buckets of help and support. When things go wrong, you quickly find out who your real friends are.

You would think that, following such a huge disappointment from trying to work with a big charity, I wouldn't touch another charity with a barge pole. That particular charity, maybe, but not all charities are the same and I am in touch with several local charities that are perhaps even more deserving. One, in particular, came to my rescue - and what a difference: vibrant, young, excited about my ideas and designs, eager to work together now, and in the future and, most important. realistic, and down to earth. They are not promising the moon or the stars, or saying 'don't worry, everything will be fine'. How refreshing. Oh, yes, and they don't claim to have the 'Address Book to die for'! Anyway, we have a few ideas and are presently working on a possible solution so ... watch this space! Meanwhile, I would like to thank Charlotte and her mum for keeping my faith in charities, and Coreena for being there when I needed her, despite being a busy journalist with more deadlines than I would dare to imagine. Also, the Tourist Information Service, Newcastle Gateshead Initiative Culture 10, NE1 and Newcastle City Council . I really appreciate all of your help and support.

What is more ironic, is that just as I was getting used to making new plans, I discovered that the mum of one of my friends has just been diagnosed with cancer. My friend is a choreographer based in Newcastle, and we were ready to work on the dance routine for the cancer charity event that has been cancelled.


Well here it is again. 18 - 22 September. London Fashion Week. Check out the latest here: www.londonfashionweek.co.uk

No, I'm not taking part but I would love to in the future. I'm also avoiding taking a look as I am in the middle of designing my new collection and don't need any distractions or influences. Oen thing I can share with you though, is my goal -- to be featured in Vogue, and to make an impact at Fashion Week! Maybe next year? But, I need to get through this year first!

I still have plenty to do for now. Another 6 - 7 outfits for November, and a few ready-to-wear designs too. Will I finish them? Of course I will! The one thing I hate in my work is disturbance and disruption. All self-employed people will tell you the same ... especially when they have a deadline to meet. Something always happens when you have a new project on the horizon so the trick is to ignore it. Easier said than done. I would prefer the outside world to stay outside for the next few months, to leave me in peace and let me get on with the task at hand, in my 'torture' room. Well actually that's not completely true ... I need my team mate, my manager, ... somebody to keep me in touch with the real world. I don't know how other people are when they are focussed on a 'mission'. I hate the phone ringing, and emails, and all those snippets of news I find on the internet which burn away at my valuable time. It doesn't take much for another day to be lost.

One of my new outfits for 'Stolen Dreams' incorporates a pair of trousers. Nothing new, nothing special you may think - except that last year's collection was only dresses, despite me being a fully trained and qualified tailoress. It was all evening gowns and cocktail dresses so far - well, I am a woman after all! This year, on the other hand, I am making some trousers with a sort of 'New Romantic' theme to them. I was stitching them last night, rekindling old skills as I finished the pockets.

I couldn't resist taking this picture. I can just imagine sitting here in the sun
with an ice cream in celebration of completing my collection!


The kids have all gone back to school. the tourists have gone away, and summer has finally arrived! Nothing but blue skies and sunshine for the last week.

I can't remember when we last went out for a proper walk. I think it was June ... anyway, we are now in September, and despite the sunshine, the cold nights are kicking in. Fog and mist floats over the valleys and the lakes early in the morning, like a creamy froth or, in my line of work, like silk chiffon. Even when we go out for a quick spin to shake off the cobwebs I'm still stricken with the beauty of this place. Even after all these years there are still new lanes and places to discover - hidden secrets. It's so magical and inspiring.

The other day we left the house by 6-ish in the morning (honest!) and went straight up to Gummer's How, to look over Windermere. The view was breathtaking. Windermere had gone. We were above the mist, on top of the world! You could imagine the cloud to be full of little fairies preparing the lake for the winter! As the mist began to disperse we could just catch a glimpse of still water, like a mirror, through the gaps. We moved on to another favourite viewpoint to watch the magic. Everything was still. the sun was burning our backs, the sky an intense blue, and the mood was rising! I was speechless. Nature always makes me feel humble and I am so glad that it is within easy reach ... we have it all too easy really. No need to forage or hunt for food or fuel - home comforts, a seat in front of the TV and a 9 - 5 job for many of us.

Morning mist rising over Derwentwater

We have made the most of this 'late summer' - a walk above Ullswater and another early start to catch the sunrise over Castlerigg, and the mist over Derwentwater. The views always remind me why I chose to stay here, in the Lake District, and why I didn't want to rush away to the hustle and bustle of the city. For an artist this is the very best you can get. In the Lakes you receive the personal 'service' or dream, of being one to one with nature, and with no extra charge for the pleasure either. The Lakes simply breathe inspiration!

Photographs from Left to Right,
Top to Bottom:

Windermere from Ghyll Head;

Morning Mist over Derwentwater,
with Skiddaw

Ullswater from above Howtown

Derwentwater, near Lodore

Between the islands, Windermere

Ulswater from Arthur's Pike,
view towards Blencathra

Here are some more pictures taken over the last few days. Castlerigg Stone Circle, above Keswick, was very spooky as the sun rose through the mists and between the ancient stones. What a mysterious, spiritual place. Apart from the sheep there was only one other person there when we arrived

The bumble bee with a red bottom was on a Devilsbit Scabious flower in Rusland churchyard. There has been a lot of talk about the decline of bees but there have been so many in our meadows and on the lavender this year. There are still plenty flowers for them, although there are also signs that autumn is approaching - we have never seen so many berries before, the hawthorn and holly bushes and the mountain ash trees seem to be smothered with heavy bunches of red berries. And there are plenty of blackberries too - Blackberry jam, wine and puddings for Angy - yum, yum!


What a day! As I said in one of my previous posts, Lisa at Love it Media invited me to participate in her wedding show at the Nines Nightclub. Great success for all concerned. All the girls were local, from Barrow. None of them were professionals, but they were all enthusiastic, willing to learn, and keen to pursue a career in modelling. Fab performance by all as you can see from the You Tube clips linked below - they deserve the credit and I would like to help them with their ambitions as much as my time permits.

It was a long, long day and I was glad to get back home and wind down with a glass of wine! On Sunday morning, and on Saturday, we had fittings with all the girls and the dresses to work out a schedule for the catwalk. All of them were 'healthy' sizes, between 8 and 16, which was rather refreshing. My perfect model would be 5 '7" to 6' tall, and size 10 - 16.

Talking of model sizes, I have just read an interesting article in the Mail this morning, about starvation and annorexia in the fashion world - it makes you sick:

The Size Zero model who became a Size 16 - and found happiness along the way

Some of the girls were shy, or scared of the limelight, at the outset, but they quickly gained confidence and did a fantastic job. I had no idea what to expect but they were friendly, intelligent, and above all were wiling to listen and learn without turning their noses up. I have to say I think they were courageous. I don't wish to sound patronising but I've been there myself, and believe me it is very intimidating for a young girl to 'cat walk' for the first time with all of those hundreds of eyes on her. I still remember how scared I was on my first day - shaking and trembling, scared I would forget the choreography, lose my shoes or fall off the runway. That's why even now, after so many years in this trade, I am still avoiding the lights as much as I can, Not yesterday though. I had no choice. They vitually dragged me onto the stage at the end of the show, kicking and screaming, ignoring my protests, and shouting, 'do it, do it'! Lisa gave me one of those looks that you cannot defy - so I did it Terrifying! I had no idea what to do with myself. Of course, as a model you do. You are organised and composed. But as a designer ... that's a different story. So thank you girls - Emma, Ashleigh, Laura, Michelle, Jayde, Jodie, and thank you Lisa.

Take a look at the following clips for some of the runway highlights. All the dresses are from my 'Spectrum in Four Seasons' Collection, which is presently being revised and extended to accompany my new 'Stolen Dreams' collection at its launch in November.

Shades of Grey by Angy Morton LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dress: Shades of Grey
Model: Ashleigh
Music: The Long Blondes

Wintermere by Angy Morton LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dress: Wintermere
Model: Ashleigh
Music: The Long Blondes

LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dress: Scirocco
Model: Emma
Music: The Long Blondes

Aurora Borealis & Wastwater by Angy Morton LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dresses: Aurora Borealis; Wastwater
Models: Jayde; Michelle
Music: The Long Blondes

Scirocco by Angy Morton
LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dress: Wastwater
Model: Michelle
Music: The Long Blondes

Florence No2, Shades of Grey & Apple Noddy by Angy Morton LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dresses: Florence No.2; Shades of Grey; Apple Noddy
Models: Emma, Ashleigh, Laura
Music: The Long Blondes

Wastwater by Angy Morton
LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dress: Florence No.2
Model: Emma
Music: The Long Blondes

Loveitmedia Wedding Show - Finale with Angy LoveitMedia Wedding Show - The Nines - 6.9.2009

Dresses: Mackintosh; Shades of Grey
Models: Angy (!); Ashleigh
Music: The Long Blondes

Florence No2 by Angy Morton

LAVISH & LUXE at Wynyard Hall
The North East's Exclusive Fashion Event
Wednesday, 25 November 2009; 19:00 to Midnight;
Tickets: £40.00-50.00 per person; call 0191 204 3310

The Lavish & Luxe Fashion Extravaganza starts at 7 pm and runs through until midnight. It promises to be a fab evening. The show will be compered by Scott Henshall, designer and TV fashion expert, who has celebrity clients such as Madonna. Victoria Beckham, Kylie and Dani Minogue. The show will begin with a Champagne reception and canapes, then the fashion show with four companies exhibiting on the catwalk - including Psyche, House of Fraser, and myself.

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